Personal Protection Services

Our Executive Protection Specialists are highly skilled and highly experienced to keep you out of harm's way. Prior military, law enforcement, and top-tier security professionals ensure close protection suited to your needs and risk level.

Risk Mitigation

At Ironclad, we understand no two clients' needs are the same and neither are the threats they may potentially encounter. We offer a comprehensive risk assessment and risk mitigation plan tailor-made for every client and location.

Residential Security

In the comfort of your home, you deserve to feel safe and protected. Allow our team of on-site security professionals to oversee all potential threats. From access control to 24/7 monitoring to emergency response, our team is ready to truly make your home your sanctuary.

Corporate Security

Much like your residence, your workplace should be safe and secure. You, your employees, and your customers deserve to conduct business without the fear of violence. Ironclad implements professional staff armed with proven strategies to ensure a protected and productive corporate environment.

Driving Services

Driving accidents account for nearly 46,00 deaths in the U.S. annually. Allow Ironclad to free you from all distractions and safely and securely transport you to your destination. Whether to and from the office, an evening out, or VIP transportation, Ironclad's security team members are also professional drivers who will ensure your safety on the road.

Uniformed Security Guards

Your business is your livelihood, and we understand it must be protected. Through close monitoring and patrolling, our uniformed security guards are visible deterrents to crime and an immediate response to onsite emergencies.

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